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Our Complete Tree Removal Solution: Affordable Stump Removal

When it comes to removing trees from your property in Glen Mills, PA 19342, you have two options: cut down the tree and remove the debris or extract the tree from the ground. The second one is more suitable because, in time, old stumps cause a lot of problems. They can become a home for pests as well as fungi and other animals. They are also an obstacle that can be a trip hazard or cause damage to your mowing equipment.

There are several ways to remove a stump from your yard, and those include digging out, grinding, burning, chemical removals, and rotting away. Once the team at ARC Tree Service comes to your property in Glen Mills, PA 19342 and sees the stumps, they will be able to suggest the correct method. Whatever the solution, you can rest easy knowing that by allowing the experts to handle the removal, you are guaranteeing your satisfaction.

We are extensively trained and well-prepared to handle various tree removal projects, including tree stump removal jobs. Whether it comes to a single stump or numerous dead trees on your property, we will offer a customized service that will be within your budget.

Once the stumps are gone, we always take the time to clean up after ourselves and remove the debris and chips. We will either dig them into the ground, spread the chips as mulch around your yard, or collect and dispose of them. And with this, the service is complete. We will do one final inspection to make sure you will be happy with the results.

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